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No work

29 Oct

Sorry, i haven’t been able to work on the project these couple of days. I will try get into it again this week, i promise!


Level System / Skill System

26 Oct

The Level System in this game will be very different from what the majority of the RPGs today have.

Not what you get from when you level up, but how you do it. Its original and more “hardcore” than the other systems and it will be paying of to take some risks if you are good at the game.

I cant explain the main idea of the system yet, but what i can tell is:

  • You will get some kind of “energy/experience” for killing an enemy, making quests and so on.
  • You will be rewarded with SP (Skillpoints) and BUP (Body Upgrade Points).
  • Weapons and Equipment will require a special level to be used.

The Skill System will also be different from the others. There will be more than one way to get skills for the character. The majority of the MMORPG´s make the character learn the skills by getting some kind of job. This game will also be having jobs, but the skills you get from them is far the only skills a character can get.

  • If you upgrade your character with BUP´s you will get different skills from what BUP Build your character have, for example, if you upgrade your eyes, you will get better eyesight, making your character make more critical hits and miss less, and if you upgrade the eyes so they get really good, you will get a skill, maybe called: “Hawk Defence”, making the character see all the hits from an enemy and have the chance to avoid more attacks.
  • Steal Skills from bossmonsters, there will be a huuge amount of bosses in the game, some are very common, and some are very uncommon to see. And if you are able to kill them, you will have the chance to may be able to take their skill.
  • Weapons will sometimes have skills, and you will be able to fuse skills with different weapons.

So thats just a little of what will be in the final game!

Full animation

25 Oct

Finally done with the walking cycle for the new character design, it took its time but it will really be worth it. And every “piece” of the character will be an animation for themselves.


And to compare this to the first version:

Arm animation

24 Oct




Now the different parts are done, now i just have to cut them piece by piece to fit on the character. The arms now have a more natural swing to it.

Good leg animation

23 Oct

Tonight you will be able to see a good leg animation. I’m working on it right now with the new type of body and i’m really happy about it! So when you see it, tell me if you think it look bad., Hope you won’t though.

Edit: Here it is, does it look any good? I like it.

Does it look weird?

22 Oct

Well, im thinking about having the character look like this:

Just because it would help me doing better animations in less time, and i think that with some equipment it would look awesome anyways. I think i will stick with this but if you really hate it. Tell!


21 Oct

I tried to make the front leganimation, but this time it got really weird, i think i have to do it in another way so i will make it in some hours later on today.