Stuff i can tell right away

9 Oct

Thinks i want to include the game. I know that it will be alot of work to do all this, and i know how long its going to take. But i have big visions för this game and need to do the most of the ideas i have. I have ideas of gaming elements that have never been seen in a game. And its not just random ideas, ive developed them from the ground of in over a year now so they are fully bulletproof.

This is no of the ideas i have, but things that i have to include the game. I will share every detail of the game that will not hurt the game if someone else feels to use them themselves.

  • Open world with alot of dungeons, different environments.
  • Unique classes with unique and different skills, ive got around 3 classes i know i want to make. Really interesting.
  • Good, teambased quests.
  • Alot of “fun” quests.
  • Smart enemies, enemies that doesent just go to you and ask to be killed. Im also hoping to make them speak to each other and saying interesting and fun stuff, also making them remember the person they made faint last time. More on that later on.
  • Many small, cute villages were you can buy, sell, and build stuff.
  • Sometimes you will need a special class to be able to go to a special place, but others will be able to get there with help from that class.
  • Will make a whole mythology in the game, combined with an in game religion more on that later.
  • Players will be able to help the world to be created in a special way, how? You can think about it a while.

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