15 Oct

We want the players to get involved with the project, to be able to influence how everything will turn out in the end. In many different ways.

  • On this blog i will sometime ask questions on certain things, and if you have any ideas or suggestions i would really want to hear them, and i will listen.
  • First when we have a playable beta version of the game we will set up polls on the site that you can vote on. For example of different graphical choices that will have to be made and so on.
  • And not only questions, the players will be able to in the game, go in to a special building in a town, write down any suggestion or anything that would be cool to include in the game, and even upload sketches on for example any equipment you want us to make for the game.
  • And i read them all, pick out like ten good ones that are similar category, and put them on a poll on the site or in the game so the players will vote what will be in the game.
  • And there will be plenty of other ways to change the world youll play in, but everything of this more in the future.

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