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18 Nov

Heres a new mockup for the game.


New graphics means new enemies and other!

18 Nov

Full animation

25 Oct

Finally done with the walking cycle for the new character design, it took its time but it will really be worth it. And every “piece” of the character will be an animation for themselves.


And to compare this to the first version:

Arm animation

24 Oct




Now the different parts are done, now i just have to cut them piece by piece to fit on the character. The arms now have a more natural swing to it.

Good leg animation

23 Oct

Tonight you will be able to see a good leg animation. I’m working on it right now with the new type of body and i’m really happy about it! So when you see it, tell me if you think it look bad., Hope you won’t though.

Edit: Here it is, does it look any good? I like it.

Does it look weird?

22 Oct

Well, im thinking about having the character look like this:

Just because it would help me doing better animations in less time, and i think that with some equipment it would look awesome anyways. I think i will stick with this but if you really hate it. Tell!

Changing some plans

20 Oct

Until now ive made all the sprites for the character as a solid character with every part, and we have thought about it and decided to split the character up in parts, head, body, arms, legs.

If we do this we can add more animation with less animations by combining different animations. You will also be able to run and attack, and so on.

So this is the result: