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Sword Slashing

20 Oct

Right now im working on the swordslashing sprites and its going pretty well, you will see it later on.




Going fast

19 Oct

I like how fast the project is going, i was actually thinking that something like just walk around would take weeks too see. Now it only took like one week, so i have to speed up with the sprite making. But i have a lot of sprites done already, but not in animations, and thats what i will be focusing on the rest of the month, all the animations. Today i got the first animations done for some sort of sword, for now i just call it “Copper Sword”, booring name.


18 Oct

I have made some small things today, that isn’t important or even interesting for you too see. But i’ve started to make animations for weapons to try making them fit in the game. So the spritesheets for them has begun. But i still have much more animations for the character also.

Just trying out

16 Oct

Just trying out how the equipment will be animated for the character. And also some other weapons.


16 Oct

Just some weapons ive made that may fit in the game. If you got any idea of any type of weapon you would like to see, or maybe a specific weapon you want to be made, tell me!