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Level System / Skill System

26 Oct

The Level System in this game will be very different from what the majority of the RPGs today have.

Not what you get from when you level up, but how you do it. Its original and more “hardcore” than the other systems and it will be paying of to take some risks if you are good at the game.

I cant explain the main idea of the system yet, but what i can tell is:

  • You will get some kind of “energy/experience” for killing an enemy, making quests and so on.
  • You will be rewarded with SP (Skillpoints) and BUP (Body Upgrade Points).
  • Weapons and Equipment will require a special level to be used.

The Skill System will also be different from the others. There will be more than one way to get skills for the character. The majority of the MMORPG´s make the character learn the skills by getting some kind of job. This game will also be having jobs, but the skills you get from them is far the only skills a character can get.

  • If you upgrade your character with BUP´s you will get different skills from what BUP Build your character have, for example, if you upgrade your eyes, you will get better eyesight, making your character make more critical hits and miss less, and if you upgrade the eyes so they get really good, you will get a skill, maybe called: “Hawk Defence”, making the character see all the hits from an enemy and have the chance to avoid more attacks.
  • Steal Skills from bossmonsters, there will be a huuge amount of bosses in the game, some are very common, and some are very uncommon to see. And if you are able to kill them, you will have the chance to may be able to take their skill.
  • Weapons will sometimes have skills, and you will be able to fuse skills with different weapons.

So thats just a little of what will be in the final game!



21 Oct

I tried to make the front leganimation, but this time it got really weird, i think i have to do it in another way so i will make it in some hours later on today.

Changing some plans

20 Oct

Until now ive made all the sprites for the character as a solid character with every part, and we have thought about it and decided to split the character up in parts, head, body, arms, legs.

If we do this we can add more animation with less animations by combining different animations. You will also be able to run and attack, and so on.

So this is the result:

First video!

18 Oct

We got a first video of what we have in the game so far, and all this in less than a week i think, so i think its great! As you see in the video you can now walk around as the character, and also build with tiles, its just the beginning of an map editor but it looks very good so far.

Skill system planning

17 Oct

Im still very unsure of how the skillsystem will work, even if i know what i want it to be and have ideas of what it have to include. Its really hard to come up with something, but at least i have a planning sketch right here to show of.


15 Oct

We want the players to get involved with the project, to be able to influence how everything will turn out in the end. In many different ways.

  • On this blog i will sometime ask questions on certain things, and if you have any ideas or suggestions i would really want to hear them, and i will listen.
  • First when we have a playable beta version of the game we will set up polls on the site that you can vote on. For example of different graphical choices that will have to be made and so on.
  • And not only questions, the players will be able to in the game, go in to a special building in a town, write down any suggestion or anything that would be cool to include in the game, and even upload sketches on for example any equipment you want us to make for the game.
  • And i read them all, pick out like ten good ones that are similar category, and put them on a poll on the site or in the game so the players will vote what will be in the game.
  • And there will be plenty of other ways to change the world youll play in, but everything of this more in the future.

Stuff i can tell right away

9 Oct

Thinks i want to include the game. I know that it will be alot of work to do all this, and i know how long its going to take. But i have big visions för this game and need to do the most of the ideas i have. I have ideas of gaming elements that have never been seen in a game. And its not just random ideas, ive developed them from the ground of in over a year now so they are fully bulletproof.

This is no of the ideas i have, but things that i have to include the game. I will share every detail of the game that will not hurt the game if someone else feels to use them themselves.

  • Open world with alot of dungeons, different environments.
  • Unique classes with unique and different skills, ive got around 3 classes i know i want to make. Really interesting.
  • Good, teambased quests.
  • Alot of “fun” quests.
  • Smart enemies, enemies that doesent just go to you and ask to be killed. Im also hoping to make them speak to each other and saying interesting and fun stuff, also making them remember the person they made faint last time. More on that later on.
  • Many small, cute villages were you can buy, sell, and build stuff.
  • Sometimes you will need a special class to be able to go to a special place, but others will be able to get there with help from that class.
  • Will make a whole mythology in the game, combined with an in game religion more on that later.
  • Players will be able to help the world to be created in a special way, how? You can think about it a while.