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The new graphic design

15 Nov

So, how does a game get more originality? Not only by gameplay, but with the graphics.
And before the game looked very similar to many other games that’s already out there. And graphics sell because screenshots doesnt show the gameplay, but the graphics do.

So i want to make a more simple, but still appealing graphics to the game, and i think ive come up with something i can evolve to what i want. Check it out and tell me what you think.


Sorry AGAIN!

14 Nov

Man im really bad at this.
But this night something came to me, there is something with the game that’s not quite original,.
And that’s the graphical style, and im actually thinking about making the games looks a WHOLE new turn.
But i don’t wanna make that decision on my own, so im waiting for response from the programmer.

I have already come up with a new, extremely original style that i really like, so i hope he want it too!

And also, sorry for no updates, i can see that the number of visitors have decreased from many to few in these couple of weeks. But i will start again, i’ve just had so much other work to do.
My greatest apology!


9 Oct

Here are two pictures of different environments. They may be changed a bit in the future.

Simple but lovely!


8 Oct

And now the arms are moving, im actually impressed with the results, it only took me a total of 4hours, 30minutes to complete the whole sequence. I think thats pretty fast.

Well heres the result:

Info: Posts

7 Oct

I will try my best to post at least one post a day but i cant guarantee it, but as i said, i will try! One new post will come in some hours, so be ready.

Project Start

7 Oct

The whole project is right now in my mind, but now im starting to put it in paper, too see what will work, if it looks good and for the planning.

A planning Picture will for me look like this, except that theres no blur for me, and wont be for you in the future. (Click the pictures for original size)

But for you the pictures will look like this in the beginning:

As you can see there are some RPG elements in this game, but i have an idea to give it more deep, more learning and alot other stuff.

You can see its some kind of healthbar, and some kind of other thing i will explain to you later in the project.

You can also spot three Enemies (Concept), they are called “Small Svampis”, there may be some changes in every name.

Stones in different sizes and a flower, what could they possible have for function in the game except for the own eye? More on that later on.

Superdream Project

7 Oct

Hi and welcome to Superdream Project and om very glad that youve find my blog.

The one i am isnt important at all, this blog will show off my work for a game that i really want to make. A game with original ideas, “ok” graphics (by me) and so much more.

I will update Weekly with stuff for you to chew, and longer in the future even spread the most interesting ideas i have for the game, but its a far way there, i can just say that you will be stunned when you hear about it.

The idea of making this blog is for my work to be seen by others than mysef, and also in hope for fulfill my biggest dream in the world . . .

. . . To make this game.

So spread the word of this site if you would like to see it in a physical game, because without you im nothing. I only got all the ideas in my head and the graphics that i make. I dont know how to program, i dont know how to make music more than in my head.

Thank you for reading.